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Clear out basements, garages & closets

Professional Organizers paint can disposal For your residential clients… Yuck Old Paint™ would love to serve your clients when you discover old cans of paint hiding out in their basements, garages and closets.

Your clients have limited options, and Yuck Old Paint allows you to offer a new value-added service.

Your eco-friendly sensitive customers will be assured to know that our service uses a safe, green method to manage this process.

For your commercial clients…
Yuck Old Paint would love to serve your commercial clients that need to be compliant with removing products containing VOCs (old cans of paint) in efforts to reduce Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Your clients most likely have acquired a stockpile of old paint cans in their Facilities Management, storage or in a so-called “Paint Room.”

Talk to us about how this service may qualify your commercial client for LEED and EarthCraft Waste Management and Recycle Construction Waste credit points in your state. 


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Yuck... I'm old paint and need to go!

Curbside Pick-up Available

yuck old paint can recyclingThat's right: No need to wait! No need to be home! Just leave your paint cans on your stoop or driveway.

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