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Moving Companies

Moving Companies old paint can disposalFor your residential clients… Yuck Old Paint™ would love to serve your residential clients when they ask you, “Do you/why can’t you/will you take my cans of paint?”

We realize that the insurance industry restricts you from providing this service to your clients. With Yuck Old Paint, you can now offer our service to your clients. So when your clients ask, call us or have your clients call us. We can provide over-the-phone estimates.

For your commercial clients…
Yuck Old Paint serves commercial properties, leased spaces and office buildings, and removes and disposes of cans of paint in your clients’ storage, basements, boiler rooms and a so-called “Paint Room”.

Yuck Old Paint can be part of your pre-move process, removing the old cans of paint before your crew inadvertently knocks them over. We help reduce the risk of unwanted damages during the move.

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old paint can removal service call 888 509 YUCKCall 888 509-YUCK or use our handy paint-be-gone online form.

Serving the Mid-Atlantic, Yuck Old Paint clients are both residential, and commercial. A pickup charge, plus per container fee, with "container" defined as a quart, gallon, or five-gallon bucket applies. » More information is here: FAQ


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