Expired hand sanitizers and what to do with them?

Remember three years ago when everyone was stockpiling hand sanitizer?
Well, those purse-sized sprays and front-counter pump gels all have a stamped, arbitrary FDA expiration date,
many of which are expiring this year!

Can you dispose of expired hand sanitizer?

The answer is no, you can’t dispose of in regular trash a liquid or non-solid material with 70% alcohol content.
(Psssssttt… anything with 70% alcohol content doesn’t really expire.)

Nonetheless, that arbitrary FDA date stamp renders all that hand sanitizer unusable.

We’ve been getting a lot of calls about this recently, so in response to client demand, Yuck Old Paint now takes expired hand sanitizer!

What do we do with it?
Per the reduce-reuse-recycle paradigm, Yuck Old Paint champions the “reuse” model.
We distribute hand sanitizer – in its original equipment manufacturer containers — to domestic and international non-profits and other organizations that request it, just as we do with paint and all other materials we pick up. Schedule a pickup today.

We internally destroy any partially used or opened containers using organic compounds.
Once this process is complete, and the materials are no longer a threat to the soil and water tables, they are then disposed of as regular trash, in legal accordance with county and state regulations.

Expired hand sanitizers are picked up by Yuck Old PaintAlthough we started with paint cans nine years ago, we have expanded the range of items we pick up and process because YOU (homeowners, businesses, stadiums, federal agencies, and military bases) are looking for greener, earth-friendlier ways of handling and getting rid of common household and commercial building hazardous waste.

We can provide commercial buildings, HOAs, and municipalities with Landfill Diversion Certificates, allowing you to demonstrate to the public, investors, building owners, and industry peers your commitment to upholding sustainable practices. With the Landfill Diversion Certificate, you can apply for and fulfill LEED points, ESG, Net Zero Waste, B Corp, and other green industry compliance metrics.

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