Q: What do you do with all the paint?
A: Paint that is usable is distributed to reuse channels, including humanitarian construction projects, theater groups, and licensed contractors. Paint that is not usable is appropriately processed for proper legal disposal per Virginia DEQ regulations so that it is no longer a threat to the water and soil tables.

Q: What kinds of paint do you take?
A: Yuck Old Paint takes both latex (water-based, enamel and acrylic) and oil-based paints.

Q: How much do Yuck Old Paint services cost?
A: We service both residential and commercial buildings.
Residential homes:
— $50 service fee
— $75 service fee if you are a 3rd-party agent acting on behalf of the property, ie a real estate agent, trustee, estate attorney who is not a direct family relation to the property
— $10 per 5-gallon bucket
— $5 per 1-gallon can
— $5 per quart jug
— No Charge for aerosol cans (spray paint), caulk tubes, and containers pint-sized and smaller.

Commercial buildings:
— $250 service fee
— $10 per 5-gallon bucket
— $5 per 1-gallon can
— $5 per quart jug
— No Charge for containers pint-sized and smaller
— $2 for each aerosol can (spray paint)
— $1 for each caulk tube

We can go to your building to provide estimates of your materials stockpile for a $75 site visit fee.

Contact us for further information and to discuss your options.