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So maybe you’ve already organized the garage and basement and found lots and lots of paint cans with old colors from several paint jobs ago.

Or they’re rusty and musty.
Or the labels are missing.
Whatever the reason, they need to go.

But wait!

— You’re confined to your house because of a “stay-at-home” order.
Earth Day event gatherings are cancelled.
— Your HOA, town or community spring recycling event is postponed till fall.
— And it’s still illegal to put paint cans in the trash.

Old Paint Can Pick-up Service

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chuck the yuck old paintYuck Old Paint is a professional recycling service that goes to your home or business to pick up those snarky leftover old paint cans and then processes them for reuse, keeping them out of local landfills.

Paint deemed good and reusable is sent to humanitarian construction projects overseas.

Paint deemed not good nor reusable is treated locally with organic compounds and handled in accordance with local and state laws,

yuck old paint can recyclingYuck Old Paint is a Virginia Governor Northam and Maryland Governor Hogan qualified “Essential Business”, and is open for business! We go to you. Just leave your paint cans outside on your doorstep.

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